At DeltaMV, our expertise lies in understanding the combination of
emotion, thought and action.

We don’t just measure behaviour - we understand what drives it. 

Because we’re focused on delivering better outcomes, we not only have to ‘think’ better, but we also have to ‘do’ better in our research. It’s a paradigm we like to refer to as the ‘hardware/software paradigm’.

About the Hardware/Software Paradigm.

Imagine research techniques as the ‘hardware’ of research. For example, a focus group is a technique. Focus groups are all alike - yet it’s the specific thinking around the group’s design, running and analysis that sets it apart. We call this the ‘software’ of research. In order to get the most out of your research outcomes, you need brilliant software together with brilliant hardware. That’s where we come in. This integration is what we do differently and it’s exactly what makes DeltaMV unique.

Our Software

Simply put, our ‘software’ is about applying the principles of behaviour strategy to your real-world problems and challenges. Our software is our thinking, in other words. The thinking we apply stems from rigorous academic research. We understand that getting results is about clearly knowing the business and the brand issues - together with the behavioural space we are trying to understand and engage. Theory helps us to shape better, more insightful questions for you to ask your customers. It’s smart thinking - and it helps to give you the best outcomes for your business.

The Hardware

We are continually revising traditional research techniques and looking to new technology to help us unravel the complexities of human decision-making. Some of our recent projects have utilised sensitive interviewing, mobile ethnography, visual metaphor and eye-tracking technology.

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