Medisafe: More Than Just a Reminder

Medisafe has partnered with pharmaceutical companies to essentially create a ‘glorified alarm clock’ to remind patients when to take their medicine.  This mobile platform focuses on adherence tech and uses machine learning to personalize the experience for each user. 

Medisafe sends messages to patients reminding them to take their medicine and even connects users to a nurse hotline if they’ve missed too many doses.  If patients are facing financial constraints, Medisafe incorporates patient assistance programs’ copay cards in the app.  It connects patients to a broader audience of users when they experience side effects, letting them know they are not alone. 

The platform can also serve as an important data collection source for drugmakers.  Not only does Medisafe track adherence, it can be used to monitor how one drug is performing compared to others, switching behaviour of patients, and when exactly patients are taking their prescriptions.  This data can be a powerful tool to understand the behaviour drivers of patients.  What could you do with this data? 

Andrew DeLeeuwComment