Learn how this rapidly-evolving field can help you influence customer behaviour.

Behaviour strategy is an approach to marketing that combines the latest thinking in the fields of behavioural economics and neuroscience.

At DeltaMV, we use behaviour strategy to inspire healthcare marketers to overcome their challenges and influence stakeholders in new, exciting ways. 

Where did behaviour strategy originate?

Behaviour strategy is a term we created to differentiate our services from traditional market research. We use the principles of behaviour strategy as the driving force for your marketing strategy and execution. This research-led approach is designed to give you a range of behavioural levers that you can use at all stages of product life cycle marketing.

What are behavioural economics and neuroscience?

Behavioural economics is a term describing how economic decision-making can be analysed using psychology.
Neuroscience, on the other hand, is the medical term encompassing the sciences that deal with the function of both the brain and the nervous system. They’re two very different disciplines with dissimilar origins - yet, when combined, they further our understanding of how and why people make decisions. 

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