Find out how we use neuroscience to gain a richer understanding of the decisions driving behaviour.

Neuroscience is the medical term encompassing the sciences that deal with brain and nervous system functions.

We combine neuroscience research with behavioural economics to help you understand how your customers behave when they’re making economical decisions. 
Neuroscience is somewhat of an emerging field, because most neuroscientists would agree that what we don’t know about the brain exceeds what we do know about it. 
Still, integrating what we know of neuroscience theory with behavioural economics gives us a much richer understanding of the decisions driving behaviour.

How does neuroscience help your marketing strategy?

Traditional market research aims to understand the reasons why your customers purchase a particular product or service.

However, there’s often a clear disconnect between thinking and behaviour - that is, what someone says they’ll do and what they actually do. Neuroscience research helps untangle this disconnect. In fact, recent research sheds some light on the unconscious and unspoken drivers of behaviour. With advances in brain imaging and lesion studies, we now know that the key neural systems involved in consumer choice and behaviour change are emotions, reward-seeking, and memory.

At DeltaMV, we use neuroscience research to determine:

  • The drivers of emotion and reward
  • How brand associations are created in memories
  • How choice is influenced by unconscious and conscious processes 

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